Our company will apply for your visas. The process is rather straightforward. All you have to do is to email us a clear copy of your passport, a recent passport size photo and your travel insurance and we will take care of the rest. On your behalf, we will submit the visa application to the Department of Immigration. Your visa will be approved and released once the Visa Fees of $ 40 daily and Sustainable Development Fee for your trip has been accounted for. The Department of Immigration will then issue an e-visa which will be forwarded to you. It is advised that you carry a hard copy or an electronic copy of the e-visa while checking in for your flight to Bhutan as proof that your visit has been cleared. The actual stamping of the visas on your passport will be done upon arrival at the airport.

Please ensure that your passport has a minimum of Six Months Validity from your last day in Bhutan.


What is the Sustainable Development Fees (SDF)?

The Sustainable Development Fee or SDF is US $ 200 per day per adult (concessional rates apply for children). The fee is being levied by the government to “mitigate negative impacts of tourism on cultural landscape and natural environment” of the country. The SDF enables investment in transformative programme that sustain our cultural traditions, protect our environment, upgrade infrastructure, and build our resilience. Critically, it supports the creation of training, mentorships and further education that will create long-term opportunities for the young people. Further, the SDF also supports many of the country’s social programme such as free health and free education.