Our company will apply for your visas. The process is rather straightforward. All you have to do is to email us a clear copy of your passport, a recent photo and your general travel insurance and we will take care of the rest. On your behalf, we will submit the visa application to the Department of Immigration. Your visa will be approved and released once the Sustainable Development Fee for your trip has been accounted for. The Department of Immigration will then issue an e-visa clearance which will be forwarded to you. It is advised that you carry a hard copy or an electronic copy of the e-visa clearance while checking in for your flight to Bhutan as proof that your visit has been cleared. The actual stamping of the visas on your passport will be done upon arrival at the airport.

Please ensure that your passport has a minimum of Six Months Validity from your last day in Bhutan.

What is the Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) and what is it used for?
The Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) is a daily levy paid by visitors to support Bhutan’s development. Since the kingdom first opened its doors in 1974, guests have played a critical role in our country’s growth.
The SDF is collected by the national exchequer and funds are allocated to various projects that create long-term, sustainable opportunities for the Bhutanese people, through free healthcare, education and training, upskilling the tourism and hospitality industry, improved infrastructure, environmental preservation and conservation, cultural preservation programmes and initiatives that support local businesses and economies. The SDF is also a vital means of maintaining the exceptional forest cover and carbon-neutrality for which our small nation is world-renowned and globally critical. The SDF also helps us to ensure that we can continue to offer guests tranquillity and an intimate experience.

How much is the SDF?
For all visitors except those from India, the SDF is USD 100 per person, per night. For guests from India (who have an Indian passport or Indian voter ID card), the SDF is 1,200 ngultrum, or the equivalent amount in Indian rupees, per person, per night.
Children who have not yet turned six are exempt from paying any SDF. Children aged between 6 and who have not yet turned 12 at the time of travel receive a 50% concessionary discount on their SDF. Children aged 12 and above pay the full SDF rate. The same long-stay SDF incentives can be applied to US dollar SDF-paying children.
There are various duration-based SDF incentives in place for US Dollar -SDF paying guests to encourage long-stay visitors to Bhutan.
Day visitors to the Bhutanese towns bordering India are also exempt from paying the SDF until they reach a point designated by the Bhutanese government.