I travelled to Bhutan in 1999 with the ICF. Hishey tshering was our guide. He made me feel at home in the strange and wonderful “Kingdom of Druk”. I appreciated greatly his sense of humor and story-telling ablilities. I was very much impressed by his even-tempered and non judgemental manner of speaking, especially about complicated and controversial subjects. He is open-minded and honest, so i was able to learn a lot about the culture, history and politics of Bhutan. As for the incredible, pristine beauty of the country, Hishey showed us some stunning natural treasures and introduced us to fauna and flora experts who were eager to answer all our questions. I hope to visit Bhutan again and I will most certainly go with Hishey’s tour company. He truly loves Bhutan and is working hard to preserve it’s undiluted culture and environment. When you travel with Hishey, you feel like you are giving something back to Bhutan, you feel part of a grand experiment in human evolution: the conscious, heart-felt effort to balance the needs of mankind and nature. I returned from my trip feeling inspired and hopeful about the future of the planet. What a priceless souvenir!!