How to convey in a few sentences the splendour that is Bhutan! There are few places on earth that have not been overrun by tourism, and Bhutan is one of those unique places. Here you can absorb the quiet majesty of the Himalayas, the dignity and piety of its gentle people wearing traditional dress as they circle the Stupas, spinning prayer wheels and quietly praying. Walking forest tracks you will see brilliantly coloured rhododendrons dripping down the mountain sides and probably spot a yak or even a whole herd munching on a grassy slope. The magnificence of the Dzongs (temples) is breathtaking, each one seemingly more wonderful than the last. You may be welcomed into quaint village houses to drink tea and watch butter or cheese being made by a smiling Bhutanese. The quality of the cosy, comfortable hotels we stayed in surprised  and delighted me and I’m grateful for the unique opportunity provided by Bhutan Birding & Heritage and Barb Green’s tour of this unspoilt, enchanting land.