"Hello Hishey,...We have been home for one week, and our memories of your beautiful country are with us still in a very strong way.  Our pictures are beautiful.  I still have strong memories of the smells of Bhutan.  Sometimes we trekked along trails lined with big bushes of flowering blossoms. Goenpo was a superb guide.  His knowledge of cultural and natural history was very thorough, and he was thoughtful and sincere.  We thought he was a perfect guide!We also enjoyed and appreciated Dorji, and all the other staff who were so helpful and kind. James and I will recommend Bhutan Birding & Heritage Travels to our friends.  Your country is a Shangri La; so lovely and peaceful.  I hope it will always remain so.Thank you and your staff for all your kindness.

Coke & James Hallowell


After our first trip to Bhutan in 2001 we knew that we would be back. That first trip was in April to catch the birds singing and the great display of wild rhododendron blossoms. We assumed that the black-necked cranes would have left their wintering grounds in the Phobjikha Valley but wanted to see this little piece of Shangri-la anyway. To our astonishment my wife Birgit discovered one lone crane. However, we fell in love with Bhutan, not only because of its richness and beauty but because of its "small is beautiful" principles. The 20th century has seen tragic destruction of natural heritage and human heritage. Bhutan seems to be successful in cherishing that which is most precious in both of these areas. This accounts for the variety and richness to the eye of the visitor. Birgit and I are both artists and photographers and Bhutan served up an unsurpassed banquet for our eyes. Our second trip in 2005 was organized by (Hishey, of Bhutan Heritage Travels) for maximum abundances of experiences each day. Although circumstances allowed only a brief stay we were more than satisfied. We went in February to catch the main wintering population of cranes but even so we saw and heard plenty of birds including the Monal pheasant. We spent two nights in the elegant, traditional style hotel in the Phobjikha Valley and a miracle happened, at least from the point of view of artists/photographers. It snowed! The landscape was transformed into a Middle Ages European scene reminiscent of Breughel's Return From the Hunt with yaks thrown in for a bonus. We ended the trip with no complaints and only praise for this unique and charming country and for Bhutan Heritage Travels that took such good care of us, physically, intellectually and spiritually.

Robert Bateman

Salt Spring Island,

Hishey and his team guided my group on a three week birding trip in Bhutan in 2006. We had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed both the birding and the company. Hishey's knowledge of Bhutanese birds and his abilities to find even the most elusive species cannot be praised highly enough. His professionalism in catering for the needs of his clients, his dedication to nature conservation in Bhutan, and his open, friendly nature are but some of the attributes that make Hishey an excellent guide. We saw nearly all the birds special to Bhutan during our stay and were very well looked after. I can certainly recommend Hishey's services as a guide to anyone planning a birding trip to Bhutan and doubt that better value for money can be found elsewhere.

Allan Drewitt


I travelled to Bhutan in 1999 with the ICF. Hishey tshering was our guide. He made me feel at home in the strange and wonderful "Kingdom of Druk". I appreciated greatly his sense of humor and story-telling ablilities. I was very much impressed by his even-tempered and non judgemental manner of speaking, especially about complicated and controversial subjects. He is open-minded and honest, so i was able to learn a lot about the culture, history and politics of Bhutan. As for the incredible, pristine beauty of the country, Hishey showed us some stunning natural treasures and introduced us to fauna and flora experts who were eager to answer all our questions. I hope to visit Bhutan again and I will most certainly go with Hishey's tour company. He truly loves Bhutan and is working hard to preserve it's undiluted culture and environment. When you travel with Hishey, you feel like you are giving something back to Bhutan, you feel part of a grand experiment in human evolution: the conscious, heart-felt effort to balance the needs of mankind and nature. I returned from my trip feeling inspired and hopeful about the future of the planet. What a priceless souvenir!!


San Francisco

It was with great enjoyment my daughter and I toured beautiful Bhutan with Hishey. We found him to be very enlightening, very humourous, and very polite. He made our time there a truly memorable experience.

Joyce and Karen Watson

El Cerrito,
California, U.S.A.

Dear Hishey, We want to thank you and Bhutan Heritage Travels for making our trip to Bhutan a unique and memorable experience. With great patience and thoughtfulness, you helped us craft a specialized trip that exceeded every need and expectation of our small group. It was the easiest and most stress-free traveling any of us had ever done---you gave us your personal attention and took care of every detail. We really appreciated how you led us to discover places we would not have known to explore, taught us about Bhutan's natural resources and culture, and introduced us to extraordinary people we would not have met otherwise. Your strong personal environmental ethics and cultural sensitivity ensured that we both enjoyed and respected all the places and events on our tour. By the time we left Bhutan, not only had we captured indelible memories and photographs but we had made good friends who continue to enrich our lives. We are so happy to count you among those friends! We will continue to share our experience and our delight with Bhutan Heritage Travels with everyone we meet... With our very best wishes.

Chuck and Mary

Olympia, WA

We visited Bhutan the first time in 1999 under the auspices of the International Crane Foundation and the Royal Society for the Protection of Nature. We liked Bhutan so much that we returned in 2000 and will visit again in 2003. We have inspired many other friends and family to travel there as well with our host Hishey Tshering and Bhutan Heritage Travels. This is due to Hishey and his superb organization who always will go the extra mile to make guests comfortable, and who made it possible for us to come as tourists, but leave as friends.

Kennedy Gilchrist and Heidi Wilde

Madison WI.

Although we only spent 10 days in Bhutan, the trip has become the gold standard against which all other family vacations are compared. The country is a gem: the people are warm and welcoming, the Buddhist history and architecture astonishing, and the Himalayan backdrop indescribable. Even more important, Hishey Tshering's prodigious energy and enthusiasm, vast knowledge, and excellent organizational skills ensured that we enjoyed every minute of our stay.

Bonnie Cohen

Former U.S. Undersecretary of State.